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Fully integrated with your care team

72% of adverse health events are medication-related

When your pharmacy isn’t fully integrated with your senior living community, you risk:

  • Medication errors due to communication issues
  • Delayed or missed delivery of essential prescriptions
  • Missed refills and medication gaps
  • Extra administrative burdens for your caregivers and nurses
  • Not detecting dangerous drug interactions
  • Preventable moves to higher, more expensive levels of care
  • 58

    Risk of an adverse drug event when taking 5 medications

  • 82

    Risk of an adverse drug event when taking 7 medications

  • 11

    Average number of medications per senior in senior living

It’s our job to keep your loved one safe

Serviam Pharmacy is an extension of our care team. Our integrated medication management program means your loved one gets the right medicine at the right time — every time.

  • Pharmacy needs don’t wait for business hours. Even at 2 am, our pharmacists are ready to serve.

  • Relax knowing your regular monthly prescriptions will arrive like clockwork.

  • You don’t have time to wait for urgent prescriptions. We’ll have them to your loved one in just a few hours.

  • The right packaging eliminates preventable mistakes. Efficient, trackable, accountable — smart.

  • Our senior-specialty pharmacists keep an eye out for red flags and dangerous drug interactions.

Not all pharmacies are created equal

We’re built different than other pharmacies — with your loved one in mind from start to finish.

  • 30+ years running senior speciality pharmacy services
  • Preferred partner pharmacy
  • Fully integrated with our care services

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One signature; that’s it. We’ll take care of everything else — including transferring all your current prescriptions.

Integrated medication management means your loved one gets the right medicine at the right time — every time.

Hear it from the ones who matter

Crystal Douglas

With Serviam Pharmacy, our communities have dedicated support 24/7 ensuring our residents always have the medications they need.

Crystal Douglas

Regional Director of Operations

Dr. Chirag Patel

Given the risks, I wouldn’t send a family member to a senior living community that DIDN’T have an integrated pharmacy partner. It’s that important.

Dr. Chirag Patel

Senior Specialty Physician

Jennifer Hellbusch

We love having Serviam Pharmacy on our team. Our integrated program lets us spend more time caring for our residents and less time on administration.

Jennifer Hellbusch

Director of Heritage Healthcare Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Medications are supplied in unit dose packaging for safe, efficient administration
    2. Orders are filled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    3. Consultant pharmacists provide quarterly on site reviews to ensure safety and regulatory compliance
    4. Medication review and oversight to ensure appropriate medications are prescribed

    Serviam Pharmacy is an approved provider for all Medicare Part-D plans and most commercial insurance plans. If Serviam is not an approved provider for your insurance plan, they will work quickly to become one.

    Yes. Serviam Pharmacy is available via their toll-free number (888) 408-3686 to assist with deciding which Medicare Part-D plan is the best choice for you or your loved one.

    Serviam will send a monthly statement within the first 2 weeks of each month. The statement will show all medications used during the previous calendar month, the amount your insurance has paid for, and the amount you owe. You will be able to set up automatic payments from your bank account, mail a check in for payment, or pay via credit card.